Taking Care of Hard-Working Hands

If you're in an industry where your hands are your bread and butter you'll also know they bear the brunt of the work. Whether that is in construction, farming, mechanics, engineering or even cooking up all things gourmet as a chef, your hands are essential to what you do and therefore taking care of them with a tried and tested hand care treatment is key.

The elements can sap moisture from your skin. Repeated motions and handling rough materials can cause calluses and cracks. Contact with oils, solvents, and other substances can strip away natural oils from your skin. These all take a heavy toll on the condition of your skin.

Lanolin can be used as a barrier cream and is incredibly effective at mimicking the skin's natural oils, making it a excellent moisturiser and for is a great option for any hard working hands.

For those in these demanding industries, taking care of your hands is not just about comfort—it's about maintaining the ability to work effectively. Lanolin skincare offers a powerful, natural solution to keep your hands healthy, hydrated, and ready for whatever the job throws at you.

Below are some ways to incorporate our Merino Creams into your daily routine:

  • Apply Merino Cream after washing your hands and before bed.
  • Consistent use helps maintain hydration and protect against daily wear and tear.
  • For prevention - apply a thin layer before starting work to be used as a barrier cream.
  • Apply and cover with gloves overnight to aid absorption

    Merino Skincare is the original Lanolin skincare of New Zealand, sustainable sourced and loved by thousands the world over for the past 40 years. 

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