Childhood Eczema

Eczema is extremely difficult for young children, to scratch or not to scratch?

It’s a difficult question for any child to answer. Naturally and instinctively, we scratch any itch but with eczema it doesn’t just end with a satisfying feeling. It can lead to cracks and open wounds which sting and burn when mum and dad apply lotion but can also lead to bigger problems like infections.  
 Baby with eczema, merino lanolin skincare
The countless stories we encounter break our hearts, so we have formulated and created products that help ease the pain, restore moisture, soothe and are easy for children to use throughout the day. 
Firstly, on children we start with our delicate lanolin/vitamin e oil. Apply oil gently onto the open cracks and wounds to create a soothing effect. This lanolin/vitamin e oil is great at calming the skin and doesn’t create that burning, stinging feeling once applied.  
Secondly, our signature hypoallergenic lanolin cream perfect for sensitive skin. Apply this cream around the open wounds or straight onto unbroken skin. Continue applying this cream onto the Child’s whole body to help restore their skins natural moisture barriers which will help decrease future flare ups of Eczema. Repeat these steps every day, especially after evening bath times.   
We also have an excellent Lanolin lip balm and mini lanolin tube that children can carry in their backpacks or pockets to help them keep on top off their dry skin and to ensure their skin is well hydrated throughout the day.
It is very difficult and saddening experience to watch your child suffer from any sort of disease or condition. When it comes to eczema, the good news is that is can be treated easily, with the proper treatment and routine to bring relief. Which inspired our specialised Eczema pack which you can have a look at down below. 
Merino Skincare helpful Children's Eczema products

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